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Dr. Allison



Dr. Crawford Allison has spent almost all of his life in Texas

He was born and raised in Haskell County on a dry land cotton farm. His father was a farmer, and his mother was a schoolteacher and special education counselor. His medical care was provided by a general practitioner in a small rural clinic and hospital facility. His motivation to leave the farm had something to do with hot days under a small umbrella driving an open cab John Deere tractor.  However, there were a lot of lifelong lessons learned there, such as a general curiosity and learning to be resourceful to solve problems. 


Doctor Allison attended the University of Texas at Austin where he majored in zoology. He enjoyed his psychology classes almost as much as his science classes. He then attended the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston for medical school where met his wife, Kathy.  Together they have raised 4 excellent children. They now have 8 grandchildren whom they thoroughly enjoy. 


Doctor Allison entered a residency program in the United States military in family medicine which was a new type of training for the US army’s medical staff. Army residency was different from civilian residency training, in that broader skills were learned so that the Army family physician would be equipped to function in wartime settings and locations, as well as in the civilian world. It became apparent that family medicine had to be the foundation of the medical system in the military. The breadth of care that could be provided by a well-trained family physician is what was needed in the military and what is needed in the civilian population to this day.  He and his family spent time at Fort Benning GA then two years at Fort Sill OK followed by a year of teaching family medicine at Madigan Army Medical center near Tacoma WA.


Doctor Allison and his family returned home to Texas where he entered a rural medical practice in Mexia, TX, for 13 years.  He then moved to Waco in 1994. Now, after 30 years of traditional fee-for-service medical care in Waco, Dr. Allison wants to provide the personal kind of care that he received as a child.  This kind of personal care serves patients best.  It is free from the intrusions and hassles of government and insurance company base healthcare which have increasingly industrialized, disintegrated, and impersonalized medicine. Direct Primary Care is a solution for many people to return to cost-effective, affordable, personal healthcare. Dr. Allison is pleased to work with his long-time friend and physician assistant colleague Mark Roberts to provide high-quality medical expertise in a caring medical setting in Waco and Central Texas. His reliance on The Great Physician is his guide and source for caring.

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